My New Sims Blog

So evanrachardarmitage and I are making Sim blogs on WordPress.

She’s doing a legacy run and I’m going to do, from infant to death, a rockstar’s life because I haven’t tried out the rocker aspiration thing on The Sims 3 yet. I’ll keep you guys posted and give links once we’ve put up our first blog entry. :3


Reason for Slow Updates

Hahahaha… SoooOoOoo… have you noticed that I haven’t put anything on this site in such a long time? 😀 Usually, the reason for most people’s lack of updates has to do with school. It’s the same case for me buuuut with a little flair attached to it.


I probably write every day (though they’re mainly ideas for the stories I’m already working on) but they’re not put-online worthy. I usually edit and re-edit a story around an average of seven times before putting it online. :/ So… not only does that process take forever, but usually I would rather play video games or work on homework instead of… serious writing-like stuff.

Actually, the only reason why I’m making this update is because I have a looooooooooot of homework tonight that I just can’t be bothered to start just yet. 😀 Hahahah, so yeah.

I apologize if my slow/nonexistent updates drive you crazy and make you want to stop waiting for me… But.. Umm.. I’m trying my best? 😀

Actually, I’ve been working on a LOT of DC comic stories… Mainly Superman x Batman and uhhh…. Nightwing x Flash. 😀 I don’t really have a plot for those yet but with some more thought processing, I should be uploading some of those onto this site, fanfiction, and deviantart soon-ish…… I’m thinking about it, at least……… 😀

The other updates I’m working on are Do It For Tobi and To Die a Little Death. In DIFT, the entire storyline is already thought out (has been since 7th grade) I just need to write the last (the 3rd) chapter. The first two chapters were kinda written not very seriously so I’m planning on the 3rd chapter being super amazing. (hence, the reason why it’s taking me so long to update)
TDALD, on the other hand… That’s a whole ‘notha story. I’ve thought and re-thought the storyline so many times that I’m at a biiiiiiiig roadblock and I have no idea where I should take it. Events aren’t syncing together anymore, so it’s really been hard for me to piece things together. D: So that story will take some time…

My original works haven’t really been worked on lately. They’re mainly just drabbles and little ideas of cute/sexy. The perfectionist in me is telling me that I couldn’t bring myself to put such simple writings online, so…

There you have it.

OH! Also, Junior year sucks. D: There’s too much work. Boooo.

OH!!!!!! Also, I downloaded Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood for PC several weeks ago. It’s godly. 😀


Prompt #1

Cathyren’s Prompt: “Charry A is a super awesome fighting dude who is best known for fighting off dragons. The small village he lives in is crying out for help fighting off a new breed of dragon with bumpy skin that is terrorizing the town. Nobody knows why it is bumpy. (the dragon is Charry B) I give you the letter Y.”

His fist slammed into the side of the fire dragon’s head, sending the beast crashing to the ground. With a mighty yell, he jumped up, sword reflecting the sun’s bright rays.


His sword came down perfectly in between the Dragon’s eyes. Blood splattered on the ground, pooling beneath the dying creature’s feet. An armored tail and bony, red wings fell to the ground with a loud ‘thump’, the hero landing back on the ground momentarily. Another dragon bit the dust.

Sheathing his sword, the hero made his way back to his village.


Many a people ran up to him when he neared the edge of his home, all bearing gifts of gratitude.

“Thank you! You’ve saved us all!”

There was a large Dragon nest somewhere over the mountains not too far from where his village resided. Dragons were often coming to destroy crops and eat livestock. If not for him. Yvon was the village hero. From birth, he had been the one with the best intellect and when he grew older, the best fighting skills. Slaying Dragons was his occupation. There were always Dragons to slay and there were always rewards that were given.

As a beautiful woman walked up to him, a basket of fruit in her arms, Yvon couldn’t help but to smile. This was the best part of his job. Kissing her on the cheek, he received the basket.

“I missed you,” She said then, wrapping her arms around his neck. He put the fruit basket against his hip and held it with one arm. The other arm wrapped around her waist lovingly.

“I could’nt wait to come back to you.”

He kissed his wife passionately on the mouth and when they parted, the two of them smiled and held each other as they walked home. It was just another day’s work.

As the village began to go back to their farming; their late dinners; their beds, no one knew just what tomorrow would bring.


Loud knocking heard on his door early in the morning made Yvon sit up in bed, rubbing his eyes as he began to wake. The wife in bed next to him stirred quietly, flipping her head over against the pillow and bearing her other cheek to him. Hastily, he rose out of bed and put a robe on to cover his naked body. He made his way to his front door and opened it to see a man whose eyes were wide with fright.

“I-It’s here! Unlike something I’ve never seen before! It looks like a new breed!”

Yvon’s eyes narrowed as he looked over the man’s shoulder. People were fleeing everywhere; the village was a mess. How had he slept through all of this?

“It’s a Dragon! Another one has appeared at the edge of the village!” One yelled, running past his house. Yvon quickly went back into his house to put on some real clothes. His wife was already up when he went into the bedroom.

“What’s going on?” Though she was half asleep, she was still concerned over the ruckus outside.

“A new type of Dragon. Spotted outside the village.”

Yvon quickly put his boots on, grabbing his trusty sword. When he was all dressed and ready to go his wife leaned up, sheets falling from her body. She grabbed her husband’s head and kissed him. When they parted, she stroked his cheek, worry in her voice.

“Be careful.”

After a reassuring nod and another kiss, he was gone.


The Dragon was the size of any other regular Dragon. It’s head, tail, wings, teeth and talons were also nothing out of the ordinary. No matter how normal this Dragon seemed, its skin was something that was worrying. To the touch, the Dragon’s entire body was bumpy. It’s eyes were fiercely malicious looking and the way it fought was as if everyone in the world had done it wrong many times over. Yvon was struggling. No matter how many times he attacked it, that bumpy skin reflected his blade. He could not slay it. His punches and kicks did nothing to deter this mighty beast. For once in his life, Yvon felt fear.

When he reared back to think of a plan, the Dragon suddenly stood still, paralyzed. Yvon watched in astonishment when the creature’s mouth opened up and a snake slithered out. He didn’t know what to think when that snake spoke.

You have killed us all…

When it slithered towards him and attacked, Yvon swung at it with his sword and missed. The Dragon had turned to stone.


With two quick lashes to his feet, Yvon fell back and immediately, the snake was on his chest.

When he looked into the reptilian creature’s eyes and saw his reflection, he immediately thought of the wife he had at home. The child he was surely going to have by summer’s end. He thought of his village, his home. His days of being the village hero were over.

Before he could close his eyes and admit defeat, a warm sensation covered his chest. The snake was glowing. When a burst of bright light exploded in front of his eyes, visuals of a dense forest filled his mind.

He saw Dragons of all kinds, flying, eating, playing; fighting up on the mountain. Then he saw his village. The people were working, eating, playing and laughing. But it didn’t stop there. It showed the children, running around playing and then them doing their job of getting rid of the wastes in the village. The children’s job was to gather the family’s left over foods, weeds and other garbage that the family had to dispose of and then the images showed them… Tossing it all into the river?

Yvon watched as the images then showed the Dragons having to fly to the forests to get pure water for drinking. The mountains had somehow gone dry from all the smoke the Dragons had constantly caused. Yvon knew for a fact that a Dragon would exude smoke from its mouth more often when it became frustrated; because of all the smoke, no rain fell from the clouds on the mountains anymore. The bumpy variation of Dragon that Yvon witnessed had been one of the Dragons that had to drink from the polluted, forest water.

Suddenly, the images vanished and Yvon was left laying on the ground alone. Taking a deep breath, Yvon closed his eyes. Something needed to change.


The villagers started to arrive on the scene, now that the Dragon and the serpent had suddenly vanished.

“Oh my gosh, is he dead?”

Yvon opened his eyes and sat up, rubbing his head when he felt suddenly woozy. The villagers cried with joy, all coming to him at once.


When he heard his wife’s voice, his head turned and he was suddenly hugged by her. She cried against his hair.

“We were all so worried about you!”

“Where did the Dragon go?”

Yvon gently pushed his wife back a little so that he could stand up. When he did his stance wobbled and his wife was there with her support. Leaning against his wife, Yvon looked up.

“There’s been a mistake.”

Explaining to the villagers to help the Dragons was hard to do. Yvon had realized that the Dragons only attacked the village because their water pollution was driving them insane. His wife had believed him instantly and was adamant about getting everyone else to help out.

Soon, the entire village had believed in their hero and had immediately worked together to find another place to store their wastes and improve the water supply. After only a month, with the water being tested every day, the rivers were finally clear and the Dragons hadn’t come to the village since.

Yvon had raised his ranks within the village and was now the village advisor. With his newborn daughter, his wife, the villagers and the water supply to look after, Yvon had been highly regarded as the savior of his village and later went down in history as a Dragon tamer.

Life between the Dragons and his village had never been better.

Written in around 2 hours…