These are some of my fan-based fictions, otherwise known as fan fiction. This category obviously doesn’t include original fiction works.

To Die a Little Death: Grimmjow x Ichigo (yaoi)
Summary: Now that Grimmjow and Ichigo have been going steady for a couple of weeks, The Sexta is starting to get suspicious. Surely Aizen has noticed that he’s been disappearing almost every other night…  A tragic fic. Rated T for now.

Sneak Peek:

It was obvious that something was on his mind, but Grimmjow knew how important school was to him. Even though there were so many things keeping him busy and away from the grades he was aspiring to get, Ichigo really did try his hardest when it came to his schoolwork. Grimmjow figured that it wasn’t the time to ask him about what was on his mind. There would be another time for that. A time when Ichigo was more rested and more ready to talk.

Grimmjow moved off Ichigo and slowly stood up from the bed, watching as the teen re-covered himself with his sheets. The Sexta waited patiently before leaning down and taking a parting kiss on the teen’s forehead.

“I don’t know when I’ll be able to see you next,” Grimmjow started, running his hands though his hair when he felt a stray, blue lock brush against his forehead irritatingly. It was probably from Ichigo’s roaming hands earlier. “Good luck on your test.”

Ichigo had smiled from his position in bed, already showing signs of getting sleepy again as his eyes blinked slowly. It was two in the morning, after all.

“Thanks, Grimmjow. Goodnight.”

Great Delinquent Onizuka: Onizuka and Danma (friendship and humor)
: Held during their high school years the Shonan Junai Gumi arc , Onizuka and his best friend Danma get mixed up with some serious Yakuza and as a result, Danma gets kidnapped. When Onizuka finds out about what happened he is immediately there to save the other half of the Oni-Baku Duo. What he finds is something that leaves the both of them in an awkward situation.

Sneak Peek:

“You remember her, right? The girl with the red hair?”

“Nice rack?” Both said simultaneously, looking up towards the sky with their hands pressed together: A prayer thanking God that such a beautiful creature existed.

Danma couldn’t help but to laugh with his friend when the two of them got carried away like this. Talking about hot girls and how they were finally going to lose their virginities were their favorite topics out of the both of them. They even had a goal set for themselves while they were in high school: ‘lose virginity, reach maturity’. So far, they were steadily reaching adulthood… Or so they thought.


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