My Sims Story

My friend Catherine (evanrachardarmitage) and I are making a Sims blog!! Yay!!!

She’s doing a legacy run and I’m going to continue with two characters that I created earlier. The woman just became pregnant so my blog is going to be about the child, from the point of view of the child.

I started off with two characters, the parents. Vivian Manning and Nicolas Banks.

"The mother and father"

“The mother and father”

Vivian is over-emotional, flirty, irresistible, snobbish and lucky. A lot of people like her altogether she does get gossiped about a lot. She is a Virgo who wants to become a fashion phenomenon. She is currently a level five Stylist.

Nicolas, on the other hand is a perfectionist, excitable, a natural cook, nurturing and ambitious. He has always excelled in both school (24 of 48 credits in the Fine Arts degree) and work and is a level seven Sous-chef. He is a Gemini who wants to become a celebrated five-star chef.

Both have lived with each other since I created them and have been steadily climbing the stairway to their success. They are currently both young Adults, but will be turning into adults soon.

This Sims story is going to be about their son, Vlademar who is going to become a rockstar with a band and everything. He just doesn’t know it yet. ;P It’s going to be a play-by-play (more or less) of his life from infant to death. I hope you’ll join me in the retelling of his adventures 😀


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