Original Fiction

These are all of my original fictions with original characters and hopefully, original plot lines and the such… This category does not include fan fiction.

Prompts: Utterly bored with summer vacation (or summer holiday as my friend from Britain likes to say) my buddy Catherine and I decided to give each other writing prompts to help ease the boredom. Our rules include mentioning two characters (Character A and B) where something happens to one of them. You give a location, an adjective and a letter. The adjective has something to do with the story somehow and the letter is going to be used for one of the character’s names. (For instance, I got Y and named one of my characters ‘Yvon’. :D) I don’t know how often we’re going to end up doing this, but so far I have one prompt done.


2 thoughts on “Original Fiction

  1. My goodness! Your site really is totally kickass! *drools from jealousy* (not really) You even have this… animated -or at least changing with each refreshment- header. It is amazing, gal! Although some images are a little blurry. I just love the way you pimped this layout. I’ve seen the original and in no way is it so good as yours. I just totally love it. It looks so clean and happy at the same time. You were right. It really did turn out damned good. Now onwards to uploading fictions!

    • Awww… thank you! I worked really hard! 😀

      The blurry images? Yeah, i uploaded one ‘cuz I thought i didn’t have any bigger images… But I actually did. There’s no way to get rid of the header images that you recently uploaded. I’ve checked like, everywhere. But yeah, all of those header changes when you refresh the page is due to the whole: “use previous header upload” and “show a different header on each page” thing.

      I’m working on the first chapter of Alone I Break (original fiction). And then soon after, I’ll put up my revised To Die a Little Death GrimmIchi fanfic. :3 But it’s probably going to take a bit. Since ever since I tried to fix up a little bit of the issues in my Alone I Break story, I’ve ended up re-writing the whole thing with lots of detail. =__=’ so I dunno when I’ll end finishing…

      But I’m really glad that you enjoyed my page~

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